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Affiliate Marketers Are Finding Creative Ways Around the Recent Google Adword Changes

By Ted Kushner

Affiliate Marketers are discovering a powerful free technique that is currently being used for getting their web site and affiliate programs a top ten position in Google's natural search engines results in less then 72 hours without ever using Google Adwords.

Glen Burnie, MD (PRWEB) March 1, 2005 - Alexis Dawes, creator of a new web site,, has discovered a unique- but very powerful strategy that even affiliate marketing newbies can use for getting top ten positions in Google.

Affiliate marketers are just now starting to learn about this unique way of promoting their affiliate programs for free and still achieve a top ten Google listing in less then 72 hours without spending a dime with Google Adwords.

Getting a top ten listing in Google is like hitting the proverbial pot of gold for most webmasters and affiliate marketers. Land a top ten position on Google's first page… and they could triple their sales overnight.

According to a recent study at about what a first page listing in Google would make for increasing traffic and sales… well to say the least, the results were phenomenal.

Their results showed that after the first month of showing up on Google's first page for their selected keyword terms, traffic had increased five times more then the previous month.

The second month, traffic had increased nine times as much as it was previous to being listed on the first page.

Sales conversions also improved dramatically… getting double the benefits- increased traffic and improved sales.

But getting that first page listing for most marketers was usually out of reach or quite a task though. So most affiliate marketers opted with using Google's Adwords program for marketing their programs bidding for a top position.

What usually happened though- was that multiple marketers were promoting the same affiliate programs… getting into bidding wars to stay on top for their chosen keyword, or were forced to make continual ad changes for improving their click through ratios.

But with the recent changes at Google dealing with their Adwords program, most affiliate marketers were put out of business. That is because Google has changed it so that only one affiliate marketer or promoter is allowed to advertise the same URL for that program.

This has left most affiliate marketers scrambling to coming up with some low cost and unique ways for getting back into Google and taking back a top ten listing.

Alexis Dawes, of was one of these marketers that was relatively new to the game. She was doing the same things that other affiliate marketers have been doing all along… advertising on Google Adwords, creating web sites, and posting her ads on various sites for promotion.

What she couldn't figure out though was how she was getting more sales for her products then what her Google Adwords click through stats were showing.

She decided to do a little research and was totally amazed at what she had found… some of her competitive keywords were showing up in the top ten listings at Google from other sites pointing to hers. They were some of the sites she had put some advertising on but thought nothing of it other then it was additional promotion for her products.

Out of curiosity she wanted to find out if it was a fluke of luck. But after studying some other marketers that were placing their ads at some of these same web sites that she was, it turns out that they too were getting top ten results for some of their keywords.

After posting additional ads and testing her techniques on these same sites she found that she could almost set her clock to when her site would be listed in Google. She had stumbled upon her proverbial pot of gold.

Now she wants to share her experience with others and show them how they too could be getting the same top ten Google listing just like she has been getting by following this powerful but simple formula.

So if you are one of the frustrated affiliate marketers- scrambling to find a way back in to a top ten position with Google without bothering with Google's ever changing Adword rules then visit: for additional information and case studies.

About the Author
Ted Kushner researches and reviews consumer interest products and services relating to health, personal finances and web promotion tactics.
Ted Kushner
Telephone: 410-761-1058
Web Site:

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