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What 97% Marketers Don't Know About Cheap Reseller Rights

By Fahad Hassen

I’m sharing one of my bad experiences with you, which I think will be useful for many people. While I made some mistakes, it sure made me learn a lot, which can be the foundation for success. "Learn from your mistakes", as your high school teacher would say! And you can learn from others’ mistakes too. Listen to my story. When I was first started as an affiliate marketer and made a few odd sales here and there, I came across and ad that said something similar to the following.

"Over 50 high-demand quality products with master reseller rights. Package price is just $47. Some products on the package alone sell for $47. Sell just one product and make your investment back. All you need to start selling is just putting your own order link in the professionally designed order-pulling webpages we provide."

With this kind of bait, I bet you’ll surely bite it if you are in a similar situation as I was then. I want you to see an active current advertisement for reseller rights that goes similar to the above ad, so you can get the real feel. Just go to Google and type the phrase "reseller rights" and see the bunch of offers in front of you, which resemble what I described above.

Let’s come back to my story. I bought the package and yes, they gave me everything they promised. As they said, sales webpages are professionally designed and they truly had the pulling power. I’m so thrilled because I didn’t have to create my own product but could be a product owner instantly and start selling quicker than I ever thought of. I bought a domain name and a hosting account, all which cost me under $20. I could start a business up and running for investing just $67.

I did some advertising for my new products. Compared to my affiliate advertising experience, my new business was performing really poor. I was wondering what’s wrong with it, making a two or three changes to my offer and so on, but to find no sales. At this stage, I stumbled upon the concept of "Joint Ventures" and it’s power. So I wrote some JV proposals to big names with my products. I wrote for about 100 people. But just about 3 people replied and what they said was similar to the following.

"Sorry. This product is so old and some people are even offering it for free on their sites. Bye."

I was surprised first and I just made a search for my product name on the net, and yes, I found a bunch of sites offering exactly the same product from the exactly the same website at prices ranging from $0 to $37. Some people sell at $17, some at $27, and some people offering as a gift to their newsletter subscribers and so on. There was no standard. Think about it. Everybody gets the same website and when they advertise (or advise) "just change the order link", that’s what everybody will do. There is no uniqueness in your offer. And they also advertise "you can set your own price", which leads to the prices such as $1 or even $0, giving as a gift for their newsletter subscribers.

The above was true for almost all the products in the package I bought. (But I never refunded it because the quality of the products was great and I learned a lot from the top online marketers, let alone re-selling it. It was good enough for $47. Plus, they advertised the offer honestly and they cannot be kept liable for my own experience.)

Think twice before buying a master reseller rights product under $100. When a person gets master reseller rights for a product under $100, its perceptive value is lost and the buyers may sell it dirt cheap. Think about the second level buyer, who may get the product for about $27. They may sell it for about $17 and so on. The product will be available everywhere soon and some people may even give it free as a gift for their newsletter subscribers. Then there won’t be any further market for the product.

So do a deep search before you going for a reseller rights package. See whether it’s offered anywhere else and if it is, at what price. If somebody offers it for $10, it’s not right for you to sell at $20. Think about your customer buying from you for $20 and sees the offer in another site for $10. Would he buy from you again? And also think about the reputation of your domain / business. Online marketing world is small and reputation is about everything and can impact you a great deal.

So did I give up the reseller rights idea? Nope. I searched the net for reseller rights products and also searched whether these are offered elsewhere for cheap. Most reseller rights products offered online today has already reached market saturation point. When I contacted an expensive reseller rights package owner and convinced him some of the products he offered were available for pennies, his reply was opportunities are limitless and you can also grab a piece of the pie. And the chances of your (my) customers finding the other product at a cheaper price is lesser. But beware that with this kind of an offer, you aren’t offering your customers the best value for money, which you must think if you are to build a reputed business and want your customers to come back. Secondly, your customers might get angry at seeing the same product offered for 1/4th of your price or for free and may request a refund. It’ll also harm your reputation.

I spent a lot of time searching for good reseller rights products and discovered only two best resources that gave exclusive reseller rights packages. The first one I got to know was Nicheology ( by Jimmy D. Brown. He offered 2 new raw products every month, so you can edit and customize them anyway you want and create your own products. A sales letter isn’t provided, but the products are of high quality. (Recently, they have updated their system and they provide you a sales letter.)

You can create your own product with Nicheology and this makes your products exclusive and gives you the chance to price, brand, add your own twist and whatever you want to do with the package. If you don’t mind spending some time and have some experience, this is a quality option. Creating your own product is what makes the most money and with Nicheology, almost half of the work is done. The hardest part, researching and compiling info into a DOC / RTF file is already done for you. When I tried to join them, I was put on a waiting list. I would have joined if I had the chance then.

While I’m in the waiting list, I discovered E-Book-Wholesaler ( by Tom Hua, by clicking a link on an ebook I had with FreeToSell ( by Tom Hua. Wow! I found a great solution there. I had instant access to so many high-quality products with ready-made webpages. All products had quality ready-made webpages with recommended prices. The reseller rights are only available to members and cannot be passed on. Plus, you cannot sell below the recommended price. If somebody is selling as such, you can complain it to Tom Hua straight and he’ll take instant action.

I searched for some quality products they offered on the net, wondering if somebody is selling for dirt cheap as the case with others. I didn’t find any. The best part is that almost all work is done for you and you can just change the ‘order link’ and start selling and most importantly, you are protected from competition by having minimum recommended prices. The value of the products are also protected by giving only reseller rights to members, not master reseller rights. So the market saturation and declining of the value of the product is protected. In simpler terms, if you sell to John for $17, John cannot resell the package. If he wants to, he must join eBookWholesaler, in which case he has to abide to the terms and will not be able to sell the book under the preset recommended price.

I went for this one ahead of Nicheology because I’m not a product creation expert, the limitation of time for me and all I wanted to start off was a reseller rights package with products I can just change the order links and sell, while not having the problems I explained above. This gave me the perfect solution to my situation. So I joined them without a second thought and am really impressed with what I had access to as a member. I’m not exaggerating here, but this resource gives you true value for money.

While the quality resources I mentioned above will give you high quality reseller rights products, you must pay recurring fees as opposed to one-time fees you pay for cheap old reseller rights bundles. So I recommend you to go for the best only if you have the confidence of selling products and cover the recurring membership fees. In other words, you have the right knowledge on marketing the products. Otherwise you’ll struggle to pay your monthly membership fees and as a result, you may get discouraged if you are a starter.

If you are a starter, I recommend you to search the net for a cheap package with many reseller rights products. I’m talking about a package under $50, but try to get the best available. You have two goals with this package. Firstly, you can learn so much if the package had quality ebooks from big name marketers. Secondly, you can sell some of the products offered for cheap as a practise. I mean selling $47 recommended-price product under $10, if you find it has already reached the market saturation point, which can be the case most of the time. This way, you won’t lose your image and you’ll be able to get some valuable experience. The package at is a good one at the time of this writing, in which you get so many products for a low price. But try to find a better one on your own, if available.

I wish this article gave you some good advice and direction if you are in the thirst of reseller rights profits. Please drop me a line at if you find this information useful. I wish you very good luck with your reseller rights business and ventures.

About the Author:
Fahad Hassen is the operator of several well-operated affiliate programs for hot-sellers.

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