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1) Learn How to Improve the Performance of your AdSense : Tips for Maximizing Your Google AdSense Revenue. These easy-to-implement tips to help you maximize your AdSense earnings potential...More

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8) How Michael Cheney Make $19,156 Per Month
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9) Have you heard the reports about guys who pull down thousands of dollars a month with Google AdSense? Have you heard the stories about 10% click through rates and $1-$5 earnings per click? Have you ever wished you could figure out how they do it and start making real profits with AdSense? If so, prepare for a great ride, because I'm going to show you how it's done...

In order to maximize your AdSense earnings, you need five things: 1) the right ad format and placement, 2) the most valuable keywords to target, 3) lots and lots of targeted content, 4) huge amounts of traffic from search engines, and 5) better statistical reporting than Google will EVER give you. Get 3 of the 4 ABSOLUTELY FREE

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15) Affiliate Marketing is a $ 95 billion industry that is expected to grow to approximately $230 billion by 2008." CBprosense puts your website right in front of the hungry crowd, CBprosense reads your web page's content to ensure it places the most relevant ads possible - vital for you to get the maximum return from your site's visitors. But it goes a step further. Some web pages can be a little difficult to assess and so we have built in a simple way for you to preselect the keywords for individual pages if you choose. This simple step in our easy-to-use Ad Builder procedure ensures that your ads will always be exactly what your visitors most want to see. More Details

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19) Facts About AdSense - AdSense Secrets, What is AdSense? AdSense is Google's program for placing its AdWords ads on non-Google websites such as this one. AdSense lets website owners like you and me make money easily and fast without even selling anything. In fact you can often start earning in under 24 hours and when you get paid, it is Google that sends you a check! You don't have to run a large site or have much traffic to make money and AdSense works for small enthusiast or hobby sites as well as larger operations. AdSense is easy - but here's how to make real money Know More

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24) The Top Paying Keywords database presents the keyword prices of the 20,000 most popular keyword searches, in addition to hundreds of high-priced keywords that we have brainstormed. By identifying the highest paying keywords on the Internet, the database allows website owners to dramatically improve earnings in the Google AdSense™ program. To learn more about the Top Paying Keywords database, click here.

25) How To Triple Your Click-Through Rates, Quadruple Your Earnings Per Click and FINALLY Crack the $10,000 a Month Barrier In AdSense! Learn what 98% of all AdSense publishers don’t know - and will never find out - about building a lasting, insanely-profitable online business with AdSense... More

26) URL Filtering Method:
   This is a very important tool. Having a web page centered around high paying keywords isn't very useful if you can't filter out ads that tend to pay poorly. You may buy a list of the 200000 top paying keywords!!, But it is practically worthless if you don't know which ads pay poorly and which ones bring home the bacon. This is one of the features separates my adsense system from others on the web. More Info

27) Find out which AdSense formats will bring you maximum click-throughs...and which ones you should avoid like the PLAGUE! Discover which colors, sizes, text color and borders will generate the most clicks, Learn how to optimize your web pages so the search engines will LOVE your site, Discover when and how to use the Google Search Box to maximize revenue from customers searching for something specific... Know More

28) Add An Incredible Automated Tool To Your Google Adsense Content Site Builder Arsenal
This Cutting Edge Desktop Robot Automatically Finds Articles, Builds Content Rich Sites With Them, And Even Uploads The Completed Sites To Your Server!
what Pro Article Adsense Will Do For You

Simple & Sleek To Use- This isn't some complicated software that takes weeks or months to learn. You'll be building your first site just minutes after opening it!

You Pick A Subject And You Get Articles- Pro Article Adsense will go out and hunt down articles on the subject you choose automatically!

Super Fast Site Builder- After you have all the articles you need, the super fast site builder portion of the program will put together a smoking hot website for you in just seconds. Even if it's thousands of pages!

Auto FTP Sleuth-After Pro Article Adsense finds your articles and creates a website, it will log into your web server and upload it for you! This puppy covers all the tasks.

Full Control Of Your Sites- You simply load up a template into the software and it will create all of your pages using your template so you have full creative and developmental control over your sites. Or you can just grab a free template and use that if you want a quick site!

Turbo Speed Functionality- This Desktop Robot works at lightning speed. You want to spend as little time as possible creating your Adsense sites and the Pro Article Adsense does exactly that for you.

Stable, Top Secret Performance - Not only do the other Adsense software's out there not include all of the tools you need, but they also require you install them on your site which can be complicated and allow other people to know what you're using for your sites!

Pro Article Adsense runs transparently on your desktop with no chance of anyone knowing what you're creating these quality sites with. You also don't have to worry about any complicated script installations! Know More

29) how to make money off keywords that only harness .03 per click. the In's & outs of Google's AdSense Program... More

30) Zero to $9,368.99  per week In 4 Months! Using Adwords, Adsense, Affiliate Programmes and my own e-books! More

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